Software Non-functional Assessment Process (SNAP) - Data Repository

Launched in 2011 by IFPUG, and regularly updated since, the SNAP framework is intended to provide a quantifiable measure for the non-functional size of software. As it is a relatively new framework, there is limited comparative data to analyze for benchmarks. DCG wants to help the community build a repository of SNAP data and provide an ongoing analysis of the data.


How to Participate

If organizations using SNAP wish to participate in an industry-wide gathering of SNAP data, and are willing to send their data to DCG, we will scrub, store and analyze the data on their behalf. We will gather the data using the official SNAP data form from IFPUG. To submit your data in another format or if you have any questions, please email to discuss.

In January and July of each year, DCG will publish data highlights on its website; however, the organizations directly involved in submitting their information will receive a full report of the data.

If you wish to participate:

  1. Download the official IFPUG data submission template. Fill out the Application Information and Recap tabs only.
  2. Email your results to Please note that only the attachment will be captured by DCG - any text in the body of the email will not be reviewed by the company.
  3. Finally, send an email to DCG with a list of email addresses for the employees of your company whom you'd like to receive the data analysis every six months.

Download the Submission Form


About SNAP

The objectives of the SNAP framework are to:

  • Measure the non-functional size of the software that the user requests and receives
  • Measure software development and maintenance based on the non-functional requirements (such as technology used for implementation)

The benefits of SNAP include the ability to:

  • Better plan and estimate projects
  • Identify areas of process improvement
  • Quantify the impacts of the current non-functional strategies
  • Provide specific data when communicating non-functional issues

 Learn more about DCG's SNAP Advisory Services.

"It's frustrating that there are so many failed software projects when I know from personal experience that it's possible to do so much better - and we can help." 
- Mike Harris, DCG President

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